Turkey's online shopping process

5 Reasons will make you prefer Turkey online shopping

When it comes to Turkey, you would think of traveling, chilling, sightseeing, and many other things. But did you know that you should consider Turkey online shopping one of these things, too?

In recent years Turkey has been an attractive destination for many people around the world, but after the Corona crisis all things changed and Online shopping became the number 1 alternative for all kinds of worldwide shopping.

And Turkey wasn’t an exception, because recently most famous Turkey online shopping websites dedicated their efforts more than before to satisfy their customers’ needs even in hard times. But the question of the hour is what makes you hold the phone and download a Turkish store application right away?

  1. Saving money, Time, and effort

This could be the most important reason for the existence of online shopping. For example, if you don’t have enough time to go outside yourself to local stores, or you don’t even want to go outside on your weekend, as you need to spend some time with family and friends. All you need to do is to pick an online store, download the application, and select the product you want.  For Turkey shopping websites, there is plenty of them showing all local and…. brands

What makes Turkey online shopping convenient is that the Turkish currency is very affordable, and you, as a foreigner, will see the difference between prices compared to your homeland. This is exactly what made a lot of people outside Turkey attracted to Turkey online shopping websites.

Another thing in Turkey online shopping is that most websites show different offers, that compete with local stores of the same products. Freight companies are not an exception, as they also offer additional offers for products that already have an offer on the Turkish store or website.

You can take a look at Fastarz offers and hot deals.

  1. The diversity of Turkish shopping websites

Turkey online shopping clothes

When we talk about shopping in Turkey, of course, getting clothes from turkey gets the most attention, as Turkish is well known for the textile industry. Sometimes the language could be a burden in the online shopping process. That’s why several platforms developed languages other than Turkish.

Consider searching for brands that people recommend, prices, and feedback.

Trendyol is an example of Turkey online shopping website and the best one in the clothing market. It is known for presenting most brands, good customer service, and support.

Fake brands market

Not everyone heard once about Turkish fake brands, even if they heard this acronym, they would think that it is a worthless product. But you will be surprised by the quality and prices of these products to the point that you won’t even notice it is a fake brand.

You can watch many YouTubers and bloggers talking about this market and why Turkey is known for it.

You should search for the best fake brands stores because not all of them provide the same quality and prices.

Real estate Platforms

If you consider staying in Turkey for a longer time, you should download the famous application for renting and buying houses or cars. It is available in all Turkish states.

Tickets platforms

There is an event or special occasion, workshop, or celebration you want to attend, but you don’t have time to go and stand in lines and wait for your turn, and the tickets could run out. But there are some ticket reservation Turkish stores here to solve this problem, like Biletix and Mobilet.

Some websites also provide flight tickets inside Turkey, and bus tickets, like Bilet, and Obilet. All you need to do is to register on the application or website and buy the tickets you want. You will also find 24/7 customer service and support.

Online groceries

For many years people were used to buy clothes from turkey using e-commerce stores, and other things. But since The corona crisis, things have changed, as many local groceries thought about delivering services by making their own mobile application. A lot of people liked this because they don’t have to go outside during their sickness. According to Businessinsider, the E-Groceries market rose from 24% to 46% in the last two years, and it is expected to reach 66%.

Medication and cosmetics

Many Turkey online shopping websites provide sections for cosmetics and supplements. There are specific websites for them too like Ecazane, Turuncu Ecza, and DermoEczanem.

  1. Low Taxes

When you shop from shops in turkey online, you don’t just pay a lower price than local stores, but you pay lower taxes as well. Taxes in Turkey are lower and more affordable compared to Europe. That’s why a lot of investors are attracted to investing in Turkey.

Also, In case you visited Turkey clothing websites, you will pay lower and lower taxes because it is made in Turkey, unlike Chinese products you will pay customs tax.

  1. Easy Shipping

Because of the high demand of online shopping, the number of Freight companies peaked, and they compete with each other for better offers. There are some ways for shipping, like you can order and pay online from an online clothing store in Turkey, then you can contact a shipping company after taking a look at its offers.

Then you will just pay shipping fees without any customs or taxes. If you are also inside Turkey the shipments will reach you in 3-5 working days.

There is another way you will like, it is shopping through shipping companies directly. And here in Fastarz we offer some offers for products that already have an offer on its store.

  1. Easy return or canceling the products

Every platform has its own process of returning products like some websites provide a delivery man who can come to you and take the product and then send your money back. Some websites request a confirmation for purchase and canceling it before you take the decision and pay

Tips for shopping

Before you buy from turkey online, you should follow these tips to get the most out of Turkey online shopping 

  • Make sure of a guarantee when you order electronic device
  • Read all information about shipping, and also know if there is a free shipping or extra fees
  • Read carefully all details about each product before you buy
  • Make sure that all of your information are correct, and read it check it again after you enter it