Order from Turkey

Order From Turkey | Cheap way for Turkey online shopping

Did you know that Turkey is now an amazing destination for shopping that you should really think of? That’s because of the advancements and development of different Turkey online shopping websites, and the suitable prices for the products, which in Turn attracted so many people around the world to order from Turkey.

And here we will let you know how you can order online from a Turkish store.


Here are the steps to order from Turkey

  • First you should search for the best and well-known online shopping websites in Turkey. We in Fastarz provide you with the best 7 online Turkish stores that you shouldn’t miss
  • You can choose to search either for the product you want and its brands or vise versa.
  • Go to the payment page for payment information and if you have a coupon you can enter it on some websites.

And now your order is ready and will reach you in 2 to 4 working days, and if you are inside Turkey. But how about if you don’t even live in Turkey.

Burdens and obstacles

If you want to order from Turkey, sometimes you may face some obstacles like,

  • Language, as some websites don’t provide any languages other than Turkish
  • If you want to order from Turkey, an address inside Turkey should be available.
  • Payment issues, as many Turkish stores websites accept certain types of payment cards.
  • Shipping. Most Turkey online shopping websites and stores don’t provide shipping abroad.
  • Long shipping timeline and your shipment may reach you later than expected

High cost of shipping. You could pay twice the cost of your product when you search for a freight company.

But How can you solve this?

Here in Fastarz we provide several solutions and services for all the problems that you could face when you want to order from Turkey, for example, You can register for free and we will provide you an address in Turkey by which you can write when you order online from a Turkish store.

Also, in case of rejection of your payment card, we present a “pay for me’ service to pay for you.

How does Fastarz collect your shipments?

Unlike many shipping companies that make you pay for each day of your freight storage, Fastarz provides you a 90-day free storage capacity, in which you can collect all of your shipments. That helps you shop from different stores, websites, and retailers, then collect them in your storage.

For example, if you want to order from Turkey online websites, like Hepsiburada and Trendyol or any store, you can collect all your items in one storage provided by Fastarz.

With this storage you will be free to choose which item you want to ship, and the time to start shipping.

And Don’t worry about the timing as international shipping from Turkey to other countries may take some time, but Fastarz deals with the best shipping companies like DHL, Aramex, and Fedex to make sure that your shipments will reach you as fast as possible.

What happens before shipping begins

After you order your products from different stores, Fastarz will send you a message when your shipments reach our warehouse. Fastarz also sends you pictures to make sure that your things are not cracked or low-quality.

But wait, before you can start the shipment process, how about telling you about a thing that really helps you to save money?

Before you start shipping, you can choose a consolidated shipping service, which is a process that aims to collect your products in a certain manner in one package. With this method, the weight of the whole package would be reduced, which in turn makes you pay less and you don’t have to ship your products separately.

You can also choose in particular which items you want to consolidate, or you want to ship it separately, which in turn really makes your shipping process so flexible.

Tricks and hacks when you order from Turkey

  • When you order from Turkey, you can find that many websites provide the size of products in their description, so you can write down the sizes directly to the Fastarz website to know the shipping fees before you even add them to your basket.
  • Some products may have a good offer in their store, but you may consider searching for these products on Fastarz, as you may be lucky to get an extra discount.
  • You can also categorize the shipping company and filter it by the fastest or the lowest cost between them.


If you ever wanted to order from Turkey, put your mind to checking the Fastarz website to get the help you need from professionals.