Shopping tricks you should know about if you’re thinking of shopping online from Turkey

Several types of traditional bazaars are combined in Turkey alongside modern American/European-style retail malls that increasingly dominate wealthy neighborhoods of major cities.

Everyday shopping in many cities, mainly Istanbul, is common in Western-style department shops, shopping malls, and supermarkets.

Shopping tricks about Turkish clothes:

Turkish fashion is starting to match the fineness of local fibers like Bursa silk and Angora wool. Genuine locally created things at respected retailers now command near-Western pricing – local brands are actively protected against copying.

Shopping tricks about Turkish leather:

Today, Izmir and Istanbul still have the largest workshops, but retail is booming along the Mediterranean coast, notably in Antalya and Alanya.

The most wanted items are jackets.

Shopping tricks about Turkish carpets:

They are single-sided and bag full. They are either all-wool, wool pile on cotton warps and wefts, all-silk, or a glossy fibers cotton pile on cotton warps and yarns, which is readily mistaken for silk. The higher the silk content, the higher the price of the rug.

Turkish carpets are crafted using a double-knot method, which makes them more durable than single-knot Persian carpets.

Hereke carpets, called after their place of origin, are the most well-known Turkish carpets. They are made of pure silk and have an incredibly high knot thickness.

Great ones may cost tens of thousands of euros. Silk carpets produced in Kayseri, a central Anatolian region, are normally one-third less expensive.

Shopping tricks about Turkish jewelry:

Turkey is an excellent place to buy jewelry in terms of design, quality, and affordability, however gold prices, in particular, have skyrocketed in recent years.

Gold and silver jewelry, as well as semi-precious stones, are sold by weight, with little respect for the variable levels of skill involved.

Shopping tricks about Turkish kilim:

A kilim is a flat-woven, pile-free wool rug. The best are double-sided (that is, the pattern should look much the same top or bottom).

A cicim is a kilim with raised motifs sewn on top. Kilims, which are traditionally fashioned by nomadic Anatolian tribal groups such as the Turcomans and Kurds, are far cheaper than carpets.

The great majority of kilims are richly patterned with geometric designs — typically stylized birds, animals, flowers, or other natural world representations that served as the backdrop to the nomads’ existence.

Originally, they were used as floor coverings, tent dividers, and blankets, or as storage/saddlebags and bolsters when sewn together.

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