7 Online Turkish stores you shouldn’t miss

Recently, Turkish  stores have gone viral, even though the availability of all different products in most of the local markets, either local or international brands. That’s because they have several pros, making it more convenient to the clients, like the offers, the service, low cost of shipping, etc. 

The Turkish market has become one of the biggest markets in the world, especially in the textile industry, due to the presence of high-level designers and experts in this industry to ensure the high quality of products, which in turn achieves the customers’ needs. For these reasons, Turkey attracts many entrepreneurs and businessmen to invest in this industry. But What are the best Turkish online shopping websites that we recommend? 


Trendyol is the most common and one of the best Turkish stores. It provides a lot of stuff in different categories and contains a unique collection of Turkish clothes. What makes Tendyol special is its user experience, and the app or the website is easy to use. 

The website divides the products by the brands, as you can select the brands and then choose the different products of this brand either in clothes or anything else. You can also filter your products depending on the color, and the size. 

If you want to shop in Trendyol, all you need to do is to create your account using your email or your Facebook account. The platform also provides products for men, women, and children. There is also a special section for Hijabi. One thing that could be a burden is that Trendyol doesn’t provide any language other than Turkish, So you can use google translate for surfing. 


Hepsiburada is also a well-known Turkish store, and nearly it is the oldest one. Hepsiburada is the number 1 competitor for trendyol. In 2013, Hepsiburada was ranked as the best turkey shopping website. It contains over 20 million products at modest prices. It also provides free shipping inside Turkey in case of purchasing several products or purchasing over the limit needed to get free shipping. You can shop by signing up by email or Facebook. 

3- N11

It is also a known online Turkish store, and it is known for its good prices which compete with many Turkish stores. N11 also contains a wide range of products which you can compare among them to choose the products suitable for you. What makes many people choose N11 for shopping from Turkey online is that the price of certain products can be cheaper than on other platforms and Turkish stores. It also offers discount coupons on each purchase, which can be up to 50%. 

There are different categories in N11 that don’t exist on many Turkish online shopping websites such as buying tickets either for events or planes. And if you are in Turkey you will get free shipping for a lot of products. 

4- Modanisa

Modanisa is considered a women’s favorite Turkish store, as it specializes in selling clothes for hijabi. Many clients, especially in the Middle East, recommended purchasing from it. The reason for its popularity is that it pays good attention to the needs of Hijabi women, such as the size, color of different hijabs, and clothes. Also, you won’t pay extra customs taxes, in addition to easy returning of the products. 

The website offers good discounts and offers all over the year, so you won’t need to use the coupons, and you can just save it for products that don’t have a discount or offer. 

You can shop on Modanisa by signing up on the website or the application through your email. When you pick an item, the website provides a table for sizes in numbers or letters “M, L, XL” so that you can get your clothes as you want. You can also choose English or Arabic languages on the platform. You can also choose whether you can pay in cash on delivery.  

5- Gittigidiyor

Gittigidiyor was established in 2001, and it became one of the most famous Turkish stores. Gittigidiyor is a part of eBay, in which there are a variety of merchants, and this enables you to search for the product you seek to buy in different merchants to compare the prices and feedback for the sake of making a good purchase. 

The user experience of gittigidiyor is much like hepsiburada, as it presents the different categories on the main page, then you can choose between them. 

The website also offers many discounts and free shipping in Turkey.

6- Tozlu

Tozlu is also another clothing website in which all different products from different Turkish stores are presented. Millions of clients visit Tozlu monthly to know all the available prices for the products we need. What makes Tozlu special is its prices. You can find anything you need from clothes, perfumes, or anything at good prices.  

7- Amazon Turkey

ِAmazon is well known for its delivery speed, and it contains nearly all the products you could ever ask for with high quality. Examples of products: 

  • Clothes 
  • Books
  • Watches
  • Electronics

Amazon also provides “Amazon prime” in Turkey which offers free shipping for many products. Amazon compared to other online shopping websites, has fewer offers, and they are limited to certain occasions. Despite the high prices of Amazon’s products, they are high quality and fast shipping. 

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There are other Turkish online shopping websites, and more come up every year. But the Online Turkish stores above are the most famous and the best among them, which satisfied their customer’s needs. 

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